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We specialize in mobile app creation. Every day we work on the design and implementation of high-quality apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone (Windows Mobile). We also provide services related to mobile applications, e.g. graphic design in mobile apps, technical specification development, outsourcing of personnel, app advertising and promotion, consulting services in the field of mobile app development strategy.


Custom mobile app development

Since 2010 we have been crafting apps precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. If you want to build a unique application for your company to run on iOS (Apple), Android or Windows Phone (Windows Mobile) platforms, please contact us.

Browse our portfolio to see some of the apps we have created.

Our applications are built using native data system libraries, which guarantees the highest app quality and usability.



If you do not have a detailed description of the app design, we can create it for you. In mobile development technical specifications are crucial, but often overlooked, especially by customers with little IT experience. Good specification is the first step towards the implementation of high-quality apps. The more precise the specification, the more accurate quote for the app creation.



Mobile app creation is an investment that should return an adequate profit. Unfortunately we cannot ensure that your application will bring a return on the investment, but we can help you with what you need to do to succeed in the mobile market. In addition to mobile apps crafted for other companies, our portfolio also features some applications that have allowed us to build our business without the need to seek external financing. We know exactly how to deal with a ready-made app so it starts bringing tangible benefits.


Mobile developers outsourcing

If you are already working on a mobile design and need support, we can provide you with highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in the mobile industry. Our team consists of graduates of some of the best Polish technical universities with extensive experience in Android, iOS and Windows Phone projects.

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Please see the list of our products, i.e. ready-made applications which can be implemented on your system at a favorable price.

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