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An app designed for the purpose of conducting long-term (1-2 months) surveys related to healthy lifestyle and nutrition.


App crafted for Polish Consumer and Sensory Research Institute. The task of the application is to study social behaviors associated with a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

solution Solution

  • The app sends scheduled messages to users. Messages contain useful and practical information on healthy living.

  • App users were divided into several groups. Each group receives messages with a slightly different content.

  • Every day, users answer questions related to the content of the messages they had previously received.

  • The app generates statistics which are later used to analyze how modification of the content of the message affects people's decisions (answers to questions)

key Key technologies

  • Push notifications

  • CMS 

  • Native application for Android

  • Questions and answers mechanism (quiz)

  • Analysis of behaviors, e.g. who clicked on what, where they entered, how much time they spent in a particular part of the application




2016 - Maciej Bakalarz and Zuzanna (owner of Instytut Badań Konsumenckich i Sensorycznych Sp. z o.o.) just after completion of the first version of the app. 

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