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Official mobile app of the London 2012 Olympic Games


App created for the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

Our task was to create an app that would support a worthy cause set up by Samsung. The application was supposed to combine the sport idea behind the Olympic Games with the action on behalf of poverty-stricken children. Thanks to Samsung Hope Relay for every kilometer traveled, 1 zł was donated to children. The app was launched simultaneously in 8 countries.

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​ ​solution​ Solution


We have developed part of the mobile app for BADA. Our team contributed to the project in its key phase to complete the creation of the app for Samsung OS. The app used GPS integrated with Facebook and Twitter, using many forms of HTTP/HTTPS service. Samsung Hope Relay has been translated into 8 languages, and each of many forms and questionnaires had to look perfectly in each language. To achieve this we have created a number of functions for BADA which allowed for the perfect distribution of elements on the screen.

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