project icon TVN Player

One of the most popular VOD apps in Poland.


The app was created in 2012. Our task involed a swift implementation of a fully functional VOD app which would compete with the IPLA app. As a company we were responsible for crafting an app dedicated for Android smartphones and tablets.

solution Solution

This app is available for smartphones and tablets running on Android. TVN Player allows browsing available VOD material in an attractive form, playing videos containing diverse ads (preroll, midroll, postroll, overlay), collecting statistics on user behaviour, access to live material, handling DRM-protected videos and plenty of other functionalities.

key Key technologies

  • handling VOD and live content

  • handling Widevine Classic and Widevine Modular DRM-encrypted streams

  • VAST ads support

  • integration with Gemius

  • compatibility with Android 2.3

getapp Phone versions 

getapp Tablet versions


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