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National Food and Nutrition Institute's Health Assistant is an app for the health-conscious people.


App created for the Polish Food and Nutrition Institute as a tool for those who care about their health. The app aims to educate the public on healthy eating and consequently prevent overweight and obesity, as well as many other chronic diseases.

solution Solution

In this assignment we were responsible for complex crafting of the application and multimedia content. As a result we have developed:

  • A mobile app for Android

  • A server that stores app data

  • Video materials and photos

  • App regulations


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key​ Key technologies


The calculator allows you to easily count the number of calories and the nutritional value of the products consumed during the day. With the use of a dropdown menu on the right side you can add products from the NFNI database, history or an entirely new product. The NFNI database enlists products in various categories, e.g. dairy, meat or grain products. Beside the app itself, we have also prepared product pictures and video materials.


Thanks to this option you can verify your knowledge and educate yourself in the field of healthy nutrition. There are two types of quizzes available – Multiple choice and True or False?


Contains two sections: Burning Calories and Exercise Sets. Burning Calories shows the way and time required to burn a certain number of calories, as well as tips on how to eat more calories. Exercise sets provide training videos with detailed instructions. Video exercise materials have also been created by our company.

Dietary plans

This section contains food menus for each day of the week with their caloric value, fat, sugar and salt content, as well as recipes. There are 5 sets of food menus for each day, as well as the option to create your own dietary plan.


In the profile settings you can set gender, body mass, height, age and the level of fitness. Thanks to this option you can check information about BMI and daily caloric intake.

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