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An ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. This free app allows you to make calculations that are most useful for a business.

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This application is a perfect example of an application developed in HTML. Thanks to using HTML we managed to significantly reduce the costs of developing the application, as it was written only once and uploaded on two separate systems - Android and iOS.

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Business Calculator - an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. This free, comprehensive tool will allow you to make the most useful calculations for an entrepreneur, i.e.: calculation of VAT or company car tax.

VAT Calculator
VAT Calculator allows you to calculate the Net, Gross or VAT values with the relevant percentage rate of tax.

Statutory interest
Statutory Interest Calculator lets you select term of payment, settlement date and calculate the amount payable.

Contractual interest
Besides term, settlement date and the amount payable, Contractual Interest Calculator allows you to enter the percentage of contractual interest rate and the method of calculating interest by: annual rate, monthly rate, daily rate.

Company Car Tax Calculator
Allows for calculation of car tax  by selecting a type of vehicle / engine capacity, the number of residents of the municipality or city, mileage, zł per km rates, the number of days of employee absence and tax rates.

Tenure Calculator
Allows making calculations after entering the first and last day of work, or adding a period.

Salary calculator
Allows for salary calculation after entering the taxation year, type of contract, deductible expenses including tax-free amount, accident insurance and gross salary.

Mileage Allowance Calculator
Allows for calculation of mileage allowance on a vehicle upon entering the number of kilometers, the type / capacity of engine and zł per km rate.



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